International Avocado Society (IAS)is the organization body of the World Avocado Congress, IAS edits and distributes information to all the industry.

The IAS members are all the attendees of the VIII World Avocado Congress, each country got a representative and 2 main executives. Please see the Constitution to learn more about it.

A bit of history

International Avocado SocietyThe planning session for establishing the International Avocado society was held in the II World Avocado Congress in 1991. Many prospective goals were discussed in relation to communication and cooperation in the production research area and for using the International Avocado Society (IAS) as the organization body of World Avocado Congress.

Dr. Mary Lu Arpaia proposed the formation of a World International Avocado Society; the proposal was seconded by Dr. Stiker. The proposal was put to a vote and was accepted by an overwhelming majority.

In the workshop Representatives from several countries were suggested to serve on an initial organizing committee. The members of this committee met on April 26, 1991 for the purpose of electing a chairperson. After a general discussion, the group appointed Hank Brokaw and Mary Lu Arpaia as Co-Chairs.

Present at the meeting were: Mary Lu Arpaia (California), Miguel Vilchez Barros (Spain), Sixto Bisono (Dominican Republic), Hank Brokaw (California), Ilan Eshel (Israel), Ramon Paz Vega (Mexico), David Rankin (Australia), Jack Shepherd (California), Jan Toerien (South Africa), Tony Whiley (Australia), and George Zentmyer (California).

A confidence existed that, through the leadership of a talented Organizing Committee, the formation of this International Avocado Society was going to be very meaningful for all the people associated in the avocado industry worldwide.